Swim Week 12'

Thursday, July 26, 2012

                                                  SWIM WEEK 2012!

So I did it! I survived my first EVER Swim week! and I started it off by attending Bloggers Night Out (BNO) Such a Fabulous event for bloggers! I am so grateful I was able to go I had a fantastic time and met some pretty awesome people I must say! Some awesome Bloggers that I got the Chance on meeting were Jenni From ISpyDiy! YES I met her! and yes she is just as awesome as you think she is! I also got to chat with one of the Co-Founders of BNO Kendall ! She is the sweetest person, Miami needs more people like her! and of coarse I re connected with the local Miami Bloggers of Miami the girls who Inspired me to become a fashion Blogger and chase my Dreams! You girls Rock! So throughout the event There were models Strutting there stuff with Bikinis From Orchid Boutique, a DIY table and you would never believe what else they had! People from the Betsy giving foot and Back massages! OMG is all I have to say about that! towards the end of the event they announced the winner of the several contest they had and guess who won! ME :) I am a proud owner of a $100 Gift card ! if you know me you know I enter like every giveaway/contest known to man lol so I was definitely happy when they announced my name ! So not only did I leave BNO with more Blogger Friends and a gift card but I also left with an Amazing Goody Bag! which btw inside it had another gift card which was from Orchid Boutique! You know I’m going shopping VERY soon!

XO Love!

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