Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Get ready to audition for the ultimate casting call, where you take center stage within Sofia Vergara's familia. Beautiful hair seems to run in the Vergara family – and no – it’s not just in their genes. To enter the casting call, follow @Headshoulders on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM and then upload a photo of your gorgeous, flake free hair using #PartOfOurFamily #Sweeps and tag @Headshoulders 
So does your hair have what it takes to be a Vergara? You have until 8/31/14 to enter! A part of my ultimate beauty giveaway I will be gifting the winner c/o Head & shoulders their new shampoo & conditioner in GREEN APPLE!(yum). I always switch up my hair care routine often, I always bring Head & Shoulders in to the mix do to my over use of mousse and hair spray it definitely helps revive my hair!


Can't wait to see all your photos, Don't forget to tag me! Xo
@Bianca_fash #UltimateBeautyGiveaway

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