Two Years

Friday, August 1, 2014


Join me in celebrating my two years of blogging by entering in the ultimate beauty giveaway!

What better way to show my appreciation to you, my readers than to offer you the opportunity to win up to 21 amazing beauty products. Join me for a month of Beauty reviews & GIVEAWAYS! Monday-Friday August 1st-29th. A variety of Beauty products and beauty services from local salons in Miami will be previewed along with the opportunity to win prizes. I hope you are as excited to receive as I am to "giveaway" (wink-wink) Since the prizes are being provided from local Miami shops, I sadly have to restrict the entries to South Florida locals. Apologies to you non-locals. Keep in touch, though I will definitely make every effort to have a little something special for you guys, too. Every Friday, I will open the blog for the giveaway entries and one lucky winner will win a variety of ultimate beauty products and services for that week.

The first product on the board is:

Jergens Shea Beauty Oil. This Beauty Oil illuminates and conditions your skin. it's Hydrating and leaves my skin silky smooth. I love using the beauty Oil after a long day at the beach or pool. Jergens Shea Beauty Oil leaves my skin silky smooth with a subtle sheen. Definitely loving this product!


  1. How do I enter? Since you always win things, and you are hosting this (and thus disqualified) I feel like I have a good chance now LOL!!


    1. haha yes! that's what jules said!
      Every Friday I will open up the contest for your chance to win all the products I talked about that week. So keep your eyes peeled for all my reviews :)

      good luck!!