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Thursday, August 21, 2014


Today I'm Reviewing one of my favorite lipsticks and glosses COVERGIRL! the pigmentation and color stay is amazing! Bright, gorgeous color that can transform your day and your lips. Enriched with silk moisturizing complex, our lip color formula helps sustain moisture levels and helps create soft, smooth. Here are some tips when applying your lipstick.

Step 1
Before you begin, apply all other makeup and ensure lips are smooth.
Step 2
Define lip shape with liner. The most foolproof shades are close to your natural lip color.
Step 3
Starting at the center of the upper lip, apply the color, moving outward toward one corner. Repeat on the other side and on the lower lip. Use your pinky or a lip brush to fill in any gaps.
Step 4
Place a folded tissue between pressed lips to remove excess.


Up for grabs Tempt and Euphoria

I cant giveaway lipstick & not lip gloss right!!
up for grabs is two of my favorite glosses
Berrylicious & Plumlicious
Dripping with shine, ripe with color. Get lustrous, vibrant shine and rich true-to-tube color without all of that stickiness. Our conditioning formula moisturizes, leaving your lips feeling soft and silky and weightless. here are some tips when applying:

Step 1
Apply a generous amount of lip gloss onto the tip of your wand.

Step 2
Lightly pucker your lips and apply gloss generously, working from the inside out. Be sure not to apply outside your lip line.

Step 3
Place a folded tissue between pressed lips to remove excess and prevent sticking.


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