Colourpop Review

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Colourpop is a Beauty Brand made for the cool kids, Based in LA.
They are breaking the barriers between Fancy and affordable their products are $5 - $6 each!! The prices alone will get you hooked. But that's not what got me hooked. Their wide range of colors from their lipsticks all the way to their eye shadows and liners the creativity is endless. Here is my recent order, one of many because you can never have enough Colourpop!

Ultra Satin Lip 

Beeper (Ultra Matte Lip) | Mess Around (Ultra Satin lip)
 Ouji (Ultra Matte lip)
Colourpop truly stands by the phrase, "If you can Dream it, Do it!" and I love that about this brand. They stay true to who they are, young dreamers and creatives and that's why I love to buy their products. Their new Ultra Satin lips are perfect for when you want to switch it up from Day to Night. But if you want that color to stick to your lips and not budge the Ultra Matte is definitely for you. I love this formula it is my go to liquid lip.

Have you tried Colourpop? What is your favorite  formula?

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