Tuesday, October 11, 2016

 Where has this year gone? It's 3 PM on October 11th as I write this and I cant believe we are in the middle of October already?! In a blink of an eye 2016 has passed on by. Have any of you completed your News Years resolutions yet? You have three months left till 2017 arrives. I encourage you to check something off that list. That list that never gets anything crossed off. DO IT! life is so sort and we take advantage of life and all of its opportunities. Be adventurous and finally do something you have been saying you want to do for years. For the past three years I have written down everything I want to accomplish or experience in the following year and surprisingly I get the majority of my list crossed off with just a few things rolling over to the next year. let me know what you want to accomplish before the year is over, and remember as long as you have a positive outlook and believe in yourself anything is possible. Stop Being and Start Living . 
Top: Tjmaxx (Similar)
Pants: Zara (no longer available)
Purse: Ifchic (no longer available)



Shoes: Adidas

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