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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Hello Lovelies, Remember my reason for being MIA ( I mentioned it in my 'I'm Back' post) Well if you don't know, my reason was because life pretty much smacked me in the face. I was feeling very overwhelmed, unmotivated and uninspired. Filled with negativity and if you know me you know I'm positive betty! Well was. I needed to snap out of it, get back into blogging and back to being happy. So I asked fellow blogger and friend Annie The fashion Poet for some help! She told me to take a class with Jennifer Grace, Best decision I have made this year! Get unstuck at the Standard was so inspirational and honestly life changing. Here are some of the points Jennifer spoke of during the class.

Below is list of examples of intentions. Make up 6 and write one on each 3x5 card. Each morning also journal the moment you wake up for 5 timed minutes.

Examples of Intentions: 
1. I feel overjoyed that I am now crystal clear about my life's purpose.

2. I feel thrilled that I am now working my own hours and helping people by doing what I love.

3. I feel grateful that I am now financially free.

4. I feel proud that I am now in a loving relationship with my daughter.

5. I feel empowered that I am now a successful artist.

6. I feel happy that I am now surrounded by people who support me and want the best for me.

7. I feel excited that I am now able to offer people a stable job and am making an above average income.

8. I feel strong and amazing that I am now in the best physical shape of my life.

9. I feel at peace now that I am now in a healthy stable romantic relationship.

10. I feel balanced and centered that I am now meditating and doing yoga every week.
Meditation/Manifestation Daily Routine: 
This is most effective when done daily at the same time each day. Find a space in your home. Consider setting up a pillow and small low table with a candle. This entire routine should only take 12 minutes.
Step 1:  Be Present – The 5 Senses Check-In
Sit in the area that you have created for this daily ritual. Be present for a minute.
Slowly, one by one, check in with your senses.  First, invoke the sense of sight by looking at the room. Notice all the colors and textures around you. If a thought comes in, simply notice it and move your gaze to the next object.

Now close your eyes and breathe deeply, invoking the sense of smell. Breathe in the air and notice whether you smell food, perfume or the air itself. 

Next, invoke the sense of sound. Listen to what sounds are coming from inside the room. Now listen for sounds coming from outside the room.

Then, invoke the sense of taste. Gently run your tongue along your teeth and swallow.

Finally, invoke the sense of touch. Notice the way your clothing feels on your skin and the way the air feels on your cheek.

Then sit quietly and just be.
Step 2:  Vocalize Your Daily Affirmations and Powerful Intentions
Either silently or aloud, read your six affirmations followed by your six intentions. Make sure you are not overly attached to these intentions, and trust that The Source will work everything in the direction of your benefit.
Step 3:  Heighten Your Emotional State
Visualize in your mind as a mind movie all of your intentions coming to fruition. Imagine you are living out this intention. See it and believe it. Above all, feel it.
Step 4:  Sitting Meditation
Settle into a position to meditate.  Set a timer for 10 minutes.  Close your eyes, straighten your spine, and sit up tall.  Begin to follow your breath.    

Silently say “Om” to yourself on the inhale and “Ah” on the exhale. Repeat.    

Whenever a thought comes into your mind, simply notice it and go back to your breathing
  • If you have never seen the movie,  "What The Bleep Do We Know"- I highly recommend it for an easy to understand documentary on Quantum Physics.    
  • Other great books on Quantum Physics 101 are: "The Field" By Lynn McTaggart and "The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire” By Deepak Chopra   
So Now you can have a little insight on how Jennifer works! If you feel the same way I have been feeling I highly suggest you take one of her classes. CLICK HERE :)
Best part of my day! There was a Spa pass included ! The standard is such a relaxing getaway , so needed. I took advantage and enjoyed myself at the spa and pool with my good friend Jhon.


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