I'm Back

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


  The Best time for new beginnings is now, so it is time to get out of this rut that I have been in the past few months. Yes I know its been way too long since I last Blogged. I have to admit I regret letting time go by so fast like it did. Life just got to me and sometimes you just need a break. 2015 got off to a bumpy start but I'm determined to turn it around. No more blogging breaks, No more excuses. Time to kick it into high gear! Hope you missed me because I'm back!

Notice anything different?...

My hair! All my life I have worn my hair pulled back, so I finally let the curls loose and I have to say, I actually really love my hair this way. I feel free! It's the new me.


Local Designer Radiant Orchid handbag

(Left to Right)
Diana of Follow Dee, Juliana of A fashion Soiree, D'ana of Co'vl and her boo thang Parris

Shown here wearing Quentin Veron Goat/mink fur scarf
I am forever grateful for the friendships I have made through Blogging. I could have never imagined becoming so close to people I met through blogging. it is unbelievable the connection some of us have. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Starting my blog back in 2012 was the best decision I have ever made. I look forward to many more amazing opportunity's and experiences to come.
See you soon!
Photos Courtesy of Angeles Almuna

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